Tuesday 3.7.17

A. Snatch from power position (this is the same as your high hang position)
70% x 2 , 75% x , 80%x2, 80%x2, 80%x2 
***If you feel good increase BOLD WEIGHTS 

B. Drop Snatch (% of snatch) remember you are dropping fast under the bar no quick hip pop! https://youtu.be/EQrcCmgraa8

55% x3, 55%x3, 55%x3, 55%x3, 55%x3
***increase BOLD WEIGHTS 

C. SLDL – stiffed leg deadlift (%of BS) 

60% 5×3 = 3sets of 5 reps 
D. Conditioning 

Alternate these 
1-Weighted Planks – 3×30 sec max 
2- Single Arm Farmers Walk – 3x50m R/L 
**so do the weighted plank then go into right arm FW, then left arm FW , then back to plank etc 🙂

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