Wednesday 3-25-15

Man, I missed you guys last week! But have no fear, I am back, and you’re stuck with me for a while. Next Saturday (4-4-15) is max out day!! We’re hitting some 2RMs this week to help give us an idea of where we are at. Next cycle will be loads and loads of skills and drills – we’ll be going back to the basics for a few weeks! (NOTE: that does not mean “take it easy for a few weeks”…) 🙂

A) 2RM jerk, 3×3@90%

B) 2RM OHS, 3×3@90%

C1)  *I remember how sore you guys were after these last time! So if you are doing the Open and are concerned about destroying your abs/hamstrings, scale it back* 3×12 3-sec negative GHD sit-ups

C2)  3×12 stiff-legged DL (try to increase weigh from 3/4, even if it’s 2.5 or 5#)

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2 Responses to Wednesday 3-25-15

  1. Carm says:

    Hey Savannah, When does the next cycle start? I was considering jumping in, and man could I use some basics?!

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